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Are Article Submissions for SEO Fad or Fact?

SEO is an all-powerful tool to ensure your business website gets the maximum exposure even in the midst of a stiff competition. Article submission is one aspect of SEO, which can have multi-faceted benefits for your business. It does not just reflect on your SEO strategy but can actually be the voice of your business promotion, which you can regulate yourself. A complete control on the strategy allows you the opportunity to shape the market conversation to keep your business in the best light. If you are still fumbling with opting for Article submission for your business marketing strategy, here is a 360-degree view on these benefits to make the choice easier for you.

Most effective backlink building tool

Articles can be created with specific keywords placed within the body that can carry backlinks to your website from important article submission sites. You can cultivate important dofollow links back to your website that increase your website’s SEO potential exponentially. The biggest advantage of building backlinks with article submissions is that you can get contextual links to your website, which focus on bringing in organic traffic. It is also one of the most effective Off-page SEO techniques that carries the maximum effect back to your website.

Building a brand presence  

Articles can be created keeping the right perspective in mind. It can be a great tool to help build your brand presence in the market. You can write to exert your niche expertise. You can also write to help your target audiences focus on the solutions that they can find with association to your brand. You can also focus on your products and services and talk about your USP to create more hype around your own brand.

Building a viral trend for your website

With high quality content development for your articles, you can also attract your target audiences to share your articles on their social media networks. Useful content can also attract other companies and blogs to share your content on their website platform engaging a viral presence for your articles and increasing your backlink potential further. You can also achieve an expert tag within your niche with a focused following for your website or brand with a viral trend.

Invest in ethical SEO regardless of the technique you choose

While you can always handle your website’s SEO by yourself, it can get a little tricky if you have not applied in-depth research beforehand. There is a marked distinction between legitimate white hat SEO and illegitimate black hat SEO techniques. Black hat practices might show immediate results for some strategies; however, most popular search engines explicitly ban these. Using these techniques might render your website blacklisted on Google and major search portals. Hiring a professional SEO service can be a critical solution especially if you are just starting your first SEO project. The professionals will bring experience to the project while applying current valid SEO techniques to get you organic and sustainable results for SEO ranking. You can also pick up pro tips during closely working with a professional service on your initial projects and then try your hand at independent SEO marketing for your subsequent websites giving it a much better chance of flourishing without the danger of inadvertent Black Hat SEO looming on the horizon.

If you are just starting out with the trend, a great idea is to associate yourself with a top SEO company USA to generate high quality articles for your brand. You can also depend on the professionals to help submit your articles to the right platforms to gain the maximum exposure and most organic dofollow links back to your website.

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