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Credit of Copyright

The copyright of this website and all material in it which includes (without any limitations) the content, codes, images, designs, artwork, audio content, Photographs, videos and visual material  are all owned exclusively by FaceAdMedia LLC.

Copyright License with regards to the www.faceadmedia.com website

FaceAdMedia LLC exclusively grants you a worldwide valid and non-exclusive license (royalty free but revocable) to:

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  • FaceAdMedia LLC does not allow permission or grant any other access or rights for this website or its published materials beyond the above-mentioned points. To be more precise, we reserve all intellectual property rights to every material (audio visual, images, content and music) published at any point on the website.

To disabuse users of any further doubts – Please do not adapt, transform, make changes to, edit or publish on any other site, any material ever downloaded, copied or printed from our website pages directly. The content on faceadmedia.com are completely copyrights protected under US federal laws and must not be redistributed, republished broadcasted, published, distributed or re-broadcasted, shown or played anywhere in public without direct accreditation to faceadmedia.com or FaceAdMedia LLC in clear and precise terms. The content on our site is non-distributable on any form of media without our direct written permission. Both automated and/ or non-automated Data mining of any form of content from this website is strictly prohibited.

Permission requests – You can directly request for permission of re-publishing (with full credits to FaceAdMedia LLC or faceadmedia.com) to use any copyrighted materials published on our website by directly writing to us at support@faceadmedia.com or contacting us via the Contact Us section on the site. Permissions are subject to exclusive decision by the website owner.