Our full satisfaction or money back guarantee is a completely legit assurance. However, creativity is such a subjective aspect that the assurance has to be based on some concrete conditions to give it a proper structure. After all, the idea is to encourage completely fair exchange of services and orders between our platform and all of our esteemed clients. To this regard, we have tried to define such a structure here in this policy. However, we will also focus on each refund claim with complete focus on the individual concern of the claims and we will most definitely try to provide the most logical solution for the issue, as much as possible within the limits of our refund policy as well as the final expectations of our clients. Bottom-line – You come first. Your satisfaction is the primary mission of the FaceAdMedia platform and all its corresponding services.

The Refund policy dictates

  1. Each order is based on a marketing investment as well as an administration investment when the communication is handled in complete details for the order. As such, the refunded amount will afford a deduction of about 4% on the actual order amount as administration fees. However, the administration fees will not be applicable for any orders that are mistakenly placed or requires a refund almost immediately on ordering (without any further communication or work initiated on the order).
  2. The refund policy for writing packages will be activated if there are any issues with complete deviation from the given original project brief in the final product that is delivered to you. However, it is our personal request to please consult us for a modification before you decide for a complete cancellation of the project because the modifications are unlimited and free with every writing package on FaceAdMedia. (The modifications should be relevant to the original project brief. No deviations from the actual points mentioned in the original project brief please.)
  3. The refund policy for design packages will be activated in case of any issues that are based on complete dissociation from the original brief and the final product that is delivered to you under the order. Again, it is to be noted that requesting a modification might be more prudent because modifications are unlimited and free with every order. (Requested modifications have to be relevant to the original brief without any deviations.)

The Refund policy will only be inactive for the following cases.

  1. If you have already once approved the logo concept presented to you during the first draft selections.
  2. If you have already approved the first draft of the writing submitted to you within a given bulk order.
  3. If the work has already been started for the any off the packages, especially for the design packages where a first draft concepts of 2 or more designs have already been presented to you as first draft. The designs have been created exactly according to your original project brief.
  4. If you have purchased any of the bulk design packages and we have already submitted 4 or design concepts based on the original brief for your approval.
  5. If your client or any third party associated with the design package has changed their minds, changed the brand name or changed their business niche and expects a complete change in the concept, brief and designs of the first draft concepts already presented to you – this will not be considered as a refund option.
  6. If we have closed the order for over 1 month and you have already approved of the order delivery during final submission.
  7. If you have not been in direct communication with FaceAdMedia platform or team via any channel for over 5-6 months after the submission of the final logo design or writing package delivery.
  8. If other digital service providers have been simultaneously booked to work on the same project and you just want to pull stakes out of our services at the last moment even after us having worked on the product structuring exactly according to your original brief specifications. This is incredibly unfair and with this regard, we request you to please disclose such a situation upfront when placing the order for complete transparency.

How would the refund money be transferred to your account?

If you have completed your order transactions using a credit or a debit card, the refunded money will be transferred to the corresponding bank account of the card. It can take up to 6-7 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your bank account depending on your bank and global region.